We have a PALAMIDES SIMA 220 post boxing system available. Year 2015 and in perfect shape. To be connected to a envelope inserting system for placing filled envelopes in postboxes!

Manufacturer: PALAMIDES
Model: SIMA 220
Year: 2015

Automatic Postbox traying system for envelope inserting systems. This SIMA 220 was connected to a Buhrs BB700 inserting systems, therefore it is blue. Installed in 2015 and just in use for 16 months!

The sima Automatic Mail Delivery lines up with any inserter and automates the presorting and letter tray preparation processes.
The delivery checks for open flaps, non-readable addresses, and IMB Barcodes then automatically rejects any letter that should not be delivered. Various reading systems are available for the sima, from simple print mark readers up to a server based OCR/IMB reading system connected to the Digital Front End. Our patented collection unit safely stacks the envelopes individually- without contacting each othermaking
twisting or interleaving almost impossible