We are very please to receive a new order! This new customer has placed a order for a W+D (Buhrs ITM) BB600 and a BB700 servo envelope inserting system.

The BB700 mailing machine is a 6 station base with 5 feeders which is completely maintained and the configuration is changed to customers needs.

The BB600 envelope inserter is changed in the feeder configuration this customer wants, but that is not all. This system is equipped by UMS with the UMS reading system and above all the system has now a used Mueller transaction system channel installed. The Mueller system channel is also special, it is a complete line for continues feed, meaning with unwinder, cutter and merger. Together with the new UMS reading system complete with 5 camera’s for input control, matching inserts and output control, this complete system will be as intelligent as possible. Nothing will be insertet without a double check.

Great that a new customer has this much faith in our company!

The BB700 ready to go!

The BB600 almost ready for the final tests:

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